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Warmth for Yushu; Lights into Children's Heart


——Dajia delivered relief materials to the orphan school at an elevation of 4,500 meters.

Qumarleb County, a place located at 34.1°N and 95.8°E in the eastern Tibetan plateau of China, over 2,500 kilometers southwest of Beijing, is quietly bathed in sunshine. This is the birthplace of the Yellow River, with an average altitude of 4,500 meters. It is cold and hypoxic, with an annual average temperature below zero. September is frequented by sleets, marking the beginning of a cold season lasting for seven or eight months. For the children at the Helper Orphans School in Qumarleb County, how to get through the cold winter is an urgent issue to address.

On August 25 when Dajia employee representatives from Beijing showed up at the school, its principal and students were less worried about the coming cold season. More than 200 suits of warm clothes and more than 400 books, packed into 11 large boxes, were donated by Dajia employees and some media workers.

The principle Genggapengcuo was excited to see these donations and presented Hada as a greeting gift to the guests from afar. According to the principal, the school currently has 97 students, mainly orphans and children from single parents and poor families, who are especially in need of “warmth”, both mentally and physically. A snowstorm hit Yushu Prefecture during the Spring Festival of 2019. Qumarleb County was the hardest hit area. The whole county was covered with ice and snow, as thick as half a meter in some parts of the county. A large number of livestock animals were frozen to death. Frequent power outages made heating a problem. While southerners appreciated romantic snowflakes, people and animals in Qumarleb County were struggling to survive. The children who experienced the snowstorm at the beginning of the year, when referring to the coming winter, looked sad on their immature cheeks. The warm clothes and books from the capital city meant different things to these students.

With the help of the school staff, more than 50 students lined up to collect clothes on the spot. Those who got the clothes happily tried them. Several younger students asked around the guests, "Uncle, is the Tiananmen Gate Tower large?" "Aunt, do you drink butter tea in Beijing?" Dai, a fifth-grade girl, was not good at words. She always smiled at the guests’ questions. Though a little shy, she instinctively followed the guests from far away to walk around the school with simple respect and infinite trust in her eyes.

After handing out the clothes, the principal warmly showed the guests around the classrooms, each of which was equipped with a book shelf. Later, more than 400 books donated by Dajia employees and media workers would find these book shelves their home to enrich the children’s world of reading.

For the children to have a warm winter, on August 15, 10 days ago, Dajia Insurance Group organized a “Warmth for Yushu, Lights into Children’s Heart” donation event in Beijing soliciting donations of winter clothes and books for children aged 6 to 12. To welcome the new semester, Dajia also donated another 120 suits of tailor-made uniforms for these students. The event received enthusiastic response from Dajia employees. Some of them bought and donated brand-new books, and some media specialists donated cotton-padded jackets. This was the first charity event of Dajia since its establishment, and also a move of the group to put into practice China’s precision poverty alleviation strategy. For children living in an orphan school at 4,500 meters above sea level, the popular word “Dajia” has had a different meaning ever since.

As a newly established insurance group, Dajia is willing to do good things no matter how seemingly insignificant they are. We uphold the guiding principles of fairness, ingenuity and kindness, aspire to leverage on insurance to help the country win the battle against poverty, and strive to continuously meet the peoples’ aspiration for a better life with high-quality products and services.

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