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Dajia Insurance Group Sent Notification to 6 Million Personal Customers


As approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (the “CBIRC”), Dajia Insurance Group Co., Ltd. was established in July 2019. Recently, Dajia Group welcomes new members - Dajia P&C received approval for starting business, and Anbang Life received approval for its shareholding change and rebranding. In the next step, Anbang Pension and Anbang Asset Management will be renamed Dajia Pension and Dajia Asset.

In order to fully inform the customer of information such as the companies’ changes, customer rights protection and service channels, and to prevent illegal organizations from taking advantage of information asymmetry to mislead or swindle consumers, Dajia Insurance Group made overall planning of and carried out a customer notification campaign.

The notification campaign has taken into full account the characteristics of each platform in terms of customer coverage, interactive effectiveness and responsiveness, sending notification mainly via SMS messages to about 6 million effective personal customers. In addition, notification was also made via Dajia website, WeChat, apps, telephone service and branch offices, both online and offline, to fulfill the obligation of customer notification.

Also, Dajia Insurance Group issued a notification letter to its partners to ensure that they are well informed of the reorganization, renaming and consumer protection actions, so as to send information to customers in a better-targeted fashion. Meanwhile, Dajia Insurance Group launched a service demand survey to understand the expectations of customers for insurance services and to help the companies to provide better insurance services to their customers.

Consumer protection underpins the insurance business. It is also Dajia’s strategic core of “focusing on customer management and insurance services”. New company, new image, new experience, taking this opportunity, Dajia Insurance Group completed the first contact with customers: Hello, everyone! Hello Dajia!

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